The Whistleblower Channel is the mechanism that JOROFON S.L. places at the disposal of all employees, the management and administration of the Group’s companies and third parties related to them and, in particular, suppliers and contractors, shareholders, volunteers, interns and trainees, so that they can communicate any information related to any of the Group’s companies that may involve:

  • A possible irregularity or act contrary to any applicable internal regulations
  • A possible irregularity or act contrary to legality
  • A possible administrative irregularity

The channel is accessible through the following means:

Reports may be made anonymously, if desired. In order to file a report anonymously and ensure maximum confidentiality, it is recommended that you create a new e-mail account and do so using services that do not require personal information for registration. During the creation process, it is important not to use real names, addresses, telephone numbers or any other information that could identify the whistleblower. It is also crucial to access this new email account from secure and private networks, avoiding public or shared networks that may compromise your privacy. It should be noted that by not disclosing personal data, the possibility of recovering the account in case of forgetting or losing the credentials could be lost, so it is essential to keep the login information well guarded. We also inform you that the metadata of a file is data that provides structured information about the content, such as the date of creation, the type of file and, relevantly, the author. The latter information can provide an identification of who the creator of the file is without the need to open the file. If you wish to make a report anonymously, you should remove the metadata in the files you wish to submit (How to remove metadata).

The purpose of this recommendation is to ensure that the report can be submitted securely and anonymously, protecting the identity and personal information of the complainant as much as possible. If you prefer, you may include your contact information with the report form. The information collected in the report will be handled securely and confidentially.

At the request of the interested party, complaints may also be submitted by means of a face-to-face meeting, by directing the request through one of the aforementioned communication channels.

Without prejudice to the aforementioned means of access, the interested party may contact the Independent Whistleblower Protection Authority. Complaints received are processed diligently and promptly, promoting their verification and promoting the measures for their resolution, in accordance with the internal procedures established in the Management Policy of the Internal Information System of JOROFON S.L.