Iberian ham croquette made with sheep milk from Mas Mercè 2,5€/u

Pâté de campagne with foie micuit, pistachios and pickles 14€


Beets from our garden cooked in different ways, cashew vegetable cheese, grapefruit segments and wild arugula14€

Grilled cauliflower with béarnaise, grapefruit, toasted hazelnut and coriander 13€

Fresh pasta ravioli filled with Basalt “La Xiquella” cheese, candied egg yolk and truffle, artichoke sauce and sage butter, candied and fried artichoke 21€

Angus beef tartare from Girona with iberian pork jowl, pickles and mustard 16€

Peas with chanterelle pilpil and smoked eel 26€

Scallops meunier style; almonds, lime and fennel 19€

Sacha omelette with red prawn carpaccio and its juice 25€


Mellow pigeon rice with seasonal mushrooms 25€


Fried sea bass with chipotle sauce and green sauce 24€

Grilled fish with parsnip puree, grilled carrots from our garden, pikled pumpkin and almonds 26€

Grilled fish head with donostiarra sauce 30€ (According to availability)


Sous vide suckling pig with mashed potatoes and Swiss chard 26€

Low temperature wold oyster blade with sweet potato purée and pickled Kalamata olives and vegetables 26€

“Ànec 5 aglans” duck canelloni with foie gras bechamel, pears and truffle 28€

Dry-aged Wellington fillet with café de Paris sauce, onions and dried apricot 37€


Autumm chromatics; Egg yolk ice cream, sweet potato puree, orange segments and blood orange and passion fruit granita   12€

Egg flan with vanilla, truffle and whipped cream 12€ 

Our Tiramisú; chocolate, coffee and double cream “La Xiquella” 12€

Whisky cake with yolk ice cream 12€

‘Casa Cacao’ chocolate coulant with hazelnuts

12€ – 15min.

All prices include current VAT