Iberian ham croquette made with sheep milk from Mas Mercè 2,5€/u

Paté campagne with foie gras and pistachio 14€

Pickled mussels with apple and fennel 12€


Vychissoise of codium seaweed with cured sea bream, cockels, seashell, apple and lime 15€

Beet salad and lettuce from our garden with cherries and smocked makerel15€

Grilled aubergine with soya, smoked cheese, hazelnuts, mint and coriander14€

Fresh tagliatelle with zucchini, anchovies crème fraîche and sage 18€

Tuna belly with ajoblanco, lime, figs, celery, green apple and grapes  19€

Sacha omelette with red prawn carpaccio and its juice 25€


Creamy rice with cutllefish and iberian pork ribs 19€


Grill Monkfish loin with cocomber salad of our garden,  its bone juice, ginger, lime and cured orange 26€
Fried sea bass with chipotle sauce and green sauce 24€
Half a grilled lobster with tangy sauce and pumpkins from our garden 36€


Sous vide sucking pig with peach 26€

Low temperature wold oyster blade with chesnuts and pickled celeriac 26€

Dry-aged Wellington fillet with café de Paris sauce, onions and dried apricot 37€


Green colorology: green apple and herbs ice cream, melon and mint  12€
Crème brûlée with strawberries and vanilla ice cream 12€ 

Our Tiramisú; chocolate, coffe and cream “La Xiquella” 12€

Whisky cake with yolk ice cream 12€

‘Casa Cacao’ chocolate coulant with hazelnuts

12€ – 15min.

All prices include current VAT