Iberian ham croquette made with sheep milk from Mas Mercè 2,5€/u

Pâté campagne with foie gras and pistachio 14€

Pickled mussels en papillot with apple and fennel 12€


Orange and pear salad, vegetal cashew cheese, wild spinach, and family’s garden chard 14€

Charcoal grill cabbage with hazelnuts and anisette herbs 14€

Confited artichokes, articholkes cream and truffle with iberian bacon, anchovies and capers 16€

Pumpkin ravioli with truffle and butter sage 24€

Tuna belly with ajoblanco, cinnamon and lime 19€

Sacha omelette with red prawn carpaccio and its juice 25€


Eel and calçots rice 19€

Noodles with lobster,  Iberian pork ribs and season mushrooms 28€


Fish market with its bone juice, lime parmentier, ginger and mustard 26€


Veal cheeks fricandó  with seasonal mushrooms  22€

Roasted cincaglansduck with potatoes, olives and iberian bacon 30€

Pig’s trotters terrine with sea cucumber 22€

Wellington fillet with café de Paris sauce, onion and dried apricot 35€


Orange colorology: carrotsauce, bloody orange slush, tangerine and carrot ice cream 12€

Mas Mercè cheesecake with mandarin and cottage cheese ice cream 12€

Whisky cake with yolk ice cream 12€

Chocolate coulant Hacienda Victoria and hazelnuts 12€