Iberian ham croquette made with fresh goat milk from Mas Mercè 2,5€/u

Marinated anchovy with fennel and lemon 3€/u

Pâté Campagne with foie gras and pistachio 13€


Cod fish salad with scarole, Santa Pau white beans, red pepper and blood orange 12€

White asparagus with ‘txangurro’, egg yolk and green shoots 15€

Tuna belly with ajoblanco, cinnamon and lime 19€

Pickled mussels with apple and fennel 12€

Green peas with cod fish tripe and poached egg 18€

“SACHA omelette” with red prawn carpaccio and its juice 23€

Seafood Canneloni with scallops, red prawn, sea urchins and citrus 23€

Catalan beans with black sausage and mint 12€


“A la llauna” rice with crayfish and pig’s ear 19€


Hake fish with season vegetables and its juice with cider 21€


Veal tail with marrow and potato parmentier with mustard 22€

Acorn-fed duck with plums 30€

Wellington fillet with café de Paris sauce, onion and dried apricot 33€

Iberian pork meatballs with sea cucumber and Padrón peppers 19€


Strawberries cream cup with strawberries ice cream, Módena vinegar and Sichuan pepper 12€

Whisky cake with yolk ice cream 12€

Chocolate coulant Hacienda Victoria and hazelnuts 12€

Crème caramel with cottage cheese foam and guava 12€

Green colorology, melon, citrus and acacia flower12€